Greensborough War Memorial

Fifteen men from Greensborough who were killed in the First World War are memorialised on the cenotaph in War Memorial Park.  The memorial drinking fountain was first located in Main Street.  On 26 July 1927 “The Argus” reported that the “The Heidelberg Council has decided to grant a request made by the Greensborough Park improvement committee for the removal of the soldiers’ memorial from its present site, and its re-erection In the park, at Greensborough.” Known to the locals at Lower Park. At a later date possibly in the 50’s to War Memorial Park in Henry St.

Names memorialised on the cenotaph include

Ernest Frederick CLAYTON, son of Amy Clayton of Main St Greensborough

Robin* Henry DAVEY, son of Mr John Henry Davey & Elizabeth Davey

James JUDKINS, Pte No. 7507, 1st Battalion, died 11/8/18

David John MEDHURST, son of David & Martha Medhurst

Robert Lindsay Medley MADDISON, son of Mr Lewis Medley Maddison & Helen Isabel Maddison of Hareah in Greensborough.

James Williams POULTER, son of William Haylock Poulter and Alice Mary Poulter

James Richard PURCELL, son of Edward Caledonia Purcell & Mary Julie Purcell

Reginald Emerson SIMS, son of John Emerson Sims & Eliza Jane Sims of Camelot farm in Greensborough

Frederick Thomas SNODGRASS, son of AAH Snodgrass (who served and returned)

Richard Lewis WEIR (MC DCM), son of William Adam Weir & Catherine  Weir of Ulupna farm in Bundoora

Henry Douglas WHITTINGHAM, son of Walter Stanley & Elsie Lily Whittingham of Petersham House in Greensborough.

The following men do not appear in any of the files at the Australian War Memorial or the National Archives of Australia




*Benjamin Alfred STARLING, believed to be the son of John H Starling who operated a store in Greensborough. Probably brother of  [ John Henry Starling]

*KG Sharp

Please note:

Robin has mistakenly been written as ‘Robert’ on his war grave.

Update October 2011

P KILLEN was Peter Killen

•        Born at Stawell in  1884

•        Married Lily Ellen Andrews in 1907

•        Army records indicate he died at Gallipoli, although it seems there may be some confusion about what actually happened to him.

•        During his service Lily was staying in Greensborough, but went back to her usual address in Fitzroy later. 

M KENNEDY was  Malcolm Stewart Kennedy

•        Lt. Kennedy went to Officers School Duntroon 

•        It seems his parents were living at Greensborough at the time (property unknown) and  moved into the city later. 

•        Kennedy was at Gallipoli from the landing to evacuation

•        Was promoted to Captain in 1916

•        Died of wounds at Passchendale in France in 1918. Seems to have been an exceptional soldier. 

See also: Malcolm Stuart Kennedy

See also Malcolm Kennedy Footballer


Kenneth Gordon Sharp 

•        The whole family lived in Greensborough in 1914 ( Australian Electoral Rolls) 

•        His brother William David (5417) also served

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