Lyndhust Hall

This building stands on an impressive site near the top of Coonans Hill. It’s believed to have been pre-fabricated and imported by Edward De Carle in 1852 and first erected  near Nicholson St and Merri Creek in East Brunswick. The house was later dismantled and re- erected for Mr Alan Strange to its current site. 


The social impact of the Victorian Gold Rush created a trend for importing pre-fabricated houses. Sydney Road and surrounds experienced rapid population growth creating pressure on local infrastructure and housing. A shortage of local building materials and labour created opportunities for enterprising business men to import pre-fabricated houses made from wood, papier-mâché and later corrugated iron. The majority of homes imported were smaller basic dwellings but 

Lyndhurst Hall represents an example of a larger model.  It’s a double story wooden structure imported from Switzerland and originally intended for erection on Lieutenant Governor La Trobe’s land in Jolimont. The Governor was educated in Switzerland forming an interesting historical link to the home.


In addition the building has been used as a private residence for over 30 years and in 2011 underwent a major restoration. Perhaps someone may have more information on what the building was used for in decades earlier.




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