Moreland quilt project – Coburg stories

The Moreland Quilt was a community arts and storytelling project curated by Tamara Russell, a textile artist specialising in free machine embroidery and hand stitching.

The panels in the quilt record local stories, culture and history though imagery, colour and fabric.

Our family home is in Coburg North where we have lived since 1948. Every weekend my husband would bring bluestone blocks from Merri Creek up in the wheelbarrow to pave the driveway. This was done over many years to create his lasting legacy.


I left school at 14 to work in my uncle’s shop.  He was a very kind man.  I worked for him until I met my husband at Church.  We both went to the Sunday school and the youth group.  Our first date out was to the cinema.  We married and had four children, two of them still live in Coburg.  I have always lived in Coburg and in the same house since I was married.  People seem to move a lot these days.  In my day we would save hard to buy our home and then stay.  We used to know everyone in our street but lots of them have passed away or moved into old people’s homes now.  Our children all grew up together and would play out in the streets just coming in for meals and bed.

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