Sydney Patterson – Stories from his life.

Sydney Patterson was born in 1938 in Sydney. Sydney left Sydney in 1944 after his fathers, a full time sailor ship was hit by a suicide plane, 67 sailors died and his father was severely injured. His father was the shipped off to Melbourne for 3-4 years to recover from his injuries in  the Austin Repat Hospital.

While Sydney’s father was in hospital, his mother and Sydney all traveled to Melbourne and bought a poultry farm in Whittlesea.

At age 14 (1952) Sydney left school and joined the army and his mother then sold the farm in Whittlesea, 2 years later his mother bought a house in Ivanhoe, when Sydney got back from the army he worked as a bricklayer to help provide for his family.

Sydney is such a helpful person and an inspiration to all, he helps out in his local communities and does a lot of charity works for local churches. he did volunteer work at the brother hood of St Laurence and St James’ church in Ivanhoe and still goes and visits at least once a week.

After his time in the army he has become a very anti war citizen. He used to protest against the Vietnam war and walked in many marches.

We are very appreciative hearing Sydney’s story and sharing it with the Northern suburb communities.

Emma Rees and Meg Sassella from Our Lady of Mercy College spoke too Sydney Patterson from Sir William Hall Hostel in July- August 2014.

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