The Cradle of St Andrews

Thirty Five years ago a local, Reg Evans, made a wooden cradle for his friends’ baby. The cradle has become a community heirloom. The cradle is built from 200 Year old cedar collected from a forest in New South Wales (which no longer exists) and more recent Victorian timber. Beautifully carved antique chair backs form part of the cradle. Other carvings are Reg’s handiwork. Carved on the front of the cradle are the names of every baby who has slept in it.
In fact, they have started carving names on the sides now, as the front is full. A little book that belongs with the cradle also includes the names.  This helps to keep track of who has the cradle. It is available for use by the community.

Feb 2009 Actor Reg Evans and his wife were sadly lost in the Black Saturday fires.

The Cradle was on loan to a family in Canberra at the time of Black Saturday so Reg Evans legacy to the community of St Andrews remains.


St Andrews; A Village Built on Gold. St. compiled by St. Andrews Primary School Council 1998. Reissued with index 2008. p. 135 ISBN 978 0646 353753



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